Who is pete burns dating Chate sex

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(5 August 1959 – 23 October 2016) was an English singer-songwriter and television personality.

His parents moved to Vienna to escape the anti-semitic laws of the Nazis.I was put on antibiotics but my whole face began to swell.'I was housebound for nine months and couldn't move my head - discharge would pour out.'He finally found a corrective surgeon who said he could help.Pete continued: 'One told told me that my lips were so bad they would need amputating.His face is ravaged from the disastrous plastic surgery he's had over the years - but Pete Burns insists he will never stop going under the knife in a bid to fix his features.The singer has revealed that he's had yet another facelift, despite previous procedures maiming him to an extent he thought his face would 'fall off' and he'd have to have his lips amputated. People redecorate their homes every few years and I see this as no different.

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