Hetalia dating game round 2

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009-1 • A Certain Magical Index • Afro Samurai • Ah!

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” England asked, he held a pint in his left hand as he watched the goings-on in the middle of the pub that was in Olympic Park close to Fisht Olympic Stadium and close to Canada House, most Nations gathered there each night.“They…they did Mr.In a recent profile from the third volume of the published manga, Russia was described as gentle and naive, and not malicious, but insane.Russia ends many of his sentences with 'da', the Russian word for 'yes', although in Japanese it is often used to confirm the topic of the sentence, as an informal form of 'desu', the ubiquitous form of 'to be'.Wow, I didn't think I'd post my first overall review on a game that can solely be played in a language I don't understand...Even with the language barrier, though, it's hard for me to ignore this game's bit of charm, but let's see if I can put that into words.

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