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Aquarius is an air sign but possesses much of the same agile mental faculties and ability to conceive far-reaching ideas.

Most of all they share a fierce love of independence; while the Aries cannot tolerate anyone ordering him/her around, the Aquarian is the original rebel of the zodiac system, doing what they wish to do and believing in their own systems of values.

He is courageous and ready to take any initiative without any fear.

When we talk about the compatibility of Aries man and Aquarius woman, then Aries men might fall in love quite easily and especially when it is Aquarius women in front of him.

This is one match that can be highly compatible given the outgoing and extrovert nature of an Aries man and an Aquarius woman.

This union can guarantee the highest degree of romance and liking for each other's enthusiastic nature and longing for change.

Love of Aquarius is detached one however it is not selfish.

Aries and Aquarius can form an amazing pair if Aries man stops being demanding.

An Aries male has tremendous enthusiasm that never gets down and remains intact.Neither sign is noted for knowing much about human nature. If they team up, it will, therefore, be quite meaningful.Aries and Aquarius are respectively the first and eleventh signs of the zodiac calendar.Her instinct is quite strong and helps her partner attain newer heights of success in life. Your attraction even without make up that highlights the natural beauty- attracts men towards you.

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