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It’s important to note that I’m confident in my belief that this was no one’s fault other than the individual themselves; the Tavern Moderators have always done an incredible job.

Now I don’t want to discuss the issue itself in any great detail, but instead where we go from this moving forwards and how we can best protect our community from dangerous individuals.

I snub them, exit the chat, and skim the other room names: “Beastality 4U,” “Nekocat Daycare” “Dirty School Girl RP” and “You are in a mansion rooming with an opposite sex roommate what will it turn into.”I enter a chat room called “Hooter’s Bar and Restaurant,” and scan the room’s posts for a significant other.

Within chat room roleplaying (Chat RP), 1997 was a very crucial year.

Today’s a little different, and I actually want to address some pretty serious and important issues, pertaining to our Tavern Roleplay – the 24/7 Discord Text-based Roleplay chat.

Recently we’ve had to deal with an occurrence in the Tavern of inappropriate content which deeply concerned all of us in the Team and needs immediate addressing.

We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.

Three main areas: discussion on autism spectrum disorders and related disorders, roleplaying (of course), and writing and other creative endeavors.

Get to be a part of the friendly, welcoming community in the many free public areas such as the caves, club and BARE Arena, or join the group for access to the exclusive VIP area!

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